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Bar Harbor, ME (2009)

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In October of 2009, we flew into Boston and rented a car to travel to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. This was to be a 9 day vacation for us for enjoy Acadia and tour some of the Maine coastline.

Bar Harbor sits on the edge of Acadia NP and is interwoven in history with Acadia NP. It has been and is a summer home for some of the most influential people in history. Rockefeller built the carriage trails throughout this area and they are wonderful to hike and ride. The old homes and downtown hotels are wonderful to walk the streets and view. People were very friendly there. Ah, the food! Wanita must have had lobster for every meal!

Our visit put us just a head of the fall foliage and the town and lot of the places were starting the process of closing up. For our first couple of days there, the downtown was not busy at all. Imagine our surprise as we traveled up and down the coast to return back for dinner and found the entire place pack with people. Two cruise ships had pulled in that day and over the next few days other cruise ships would be there. And lots of other tourist had driven in too. Our little private town on the bay was very crowded!