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Las Vegas, NV

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We have visited Las Vegas many, many times over the years. Most of my visits have been for computer conference and getaways. Wanita has been quite a few times with her family as they would travel through there on their to summer vacations visiting family in the northwest. When I get her older pictures I include them in this grouping. We like using Las Vegas as a jumping off point for vacations. Fly in, rent a car and head off to Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, etc.

These pictures currently cover 1999 visit for Alecia’s Junior Olympics for Tae Kwon Do. The 2003 pictures was the last year for Comdex (if you’re a computer geek, you’ll know what that meant). With the growth of the Electronics Show encompassing everything Comdex couldn’t compete anymore. 2011 pictures I was there for a computer conference on Halloween night. Actually, the best time I had in Vegas people watch on the strip! Lots of Marilyn Monroe people, cat women, walking dead, globe trotters throwing basketballs back and forth across the strip etc.