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Ft. Davis Area Photo Drive, TX (Mar, 2014)

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In March of 2014, I had the opportunity to bachelor it for week down in Ft. Davis, TX area with my friend Jerry at his place. It was a week of star gazing, telephotography, daytime photography and trying to eat healthy while Kathie was off attending a quilting show. She fixed us up a turkey before she left so we’d have plenty of leftovers so we wouldn’t starve while she was gone. All my trips down to their place are wonderful, but this one was amazing. We had a lot of great nights to under the stars and great days to venture out in the area for photographs. Jerry tried to instill a lot of geology knowledge into me but for some reason I have a hard time keeping that information in memory. I had really wished Wanita had been with me as she would have loved that knowledge and retained it better than I could.

Jerry and Kathie are wonderful friends and for some reason still let me visit and stay with them! Enjoy