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Michigan Upper Peninsula (June, 2015)

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Our Michigan Upper Peninsula was a lodge, bed & breakfast, and Coast Guard housing type of road trip this year. This trip was to be a 10-12 day road trip which we extended by a couple of days and still wished we had taken more time to visit many other places. (Note: See our 2019 Michigan trip to see the followup trip of almost 6 weeks.)

On this trip we had a couple of goals, to spend a few days on Mackinac Island, to see two of the Great Lakes; Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and few other State Parks.

Our Overview of the trip of various places we had short visits along the way where we spent. The longer stays follow with more specific pictures.

Mackinac Island: Our big initial stay was on Mackinac Island. We absolutely loved visiting and staying on the Island. We stayed for a few days at the Mission Point Resort. This resort is located at the western edge of the island. We walked everywhere from there and enjoyed staying here. It is a large lodge, of course staying at the great hotel would have been great but it was pretty much sold out to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce having a conference there and taking up most of the rooms.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum: This is a wonderful place to visit. It is located at Whitefish Point Light Station and this also home to the Lighthouse there. The Coast Guard has been converted into a 4 room hotel type we you can stay. We stayed here and it was very, very nice. Loved being at the northern most point of the upper peninsula. We watched the large ships passing, birds, went back down to paradise for dinner and a speaker at the library on a recently discovered shipwreck. Great time to visit.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park: We spent the day traveling/hiking at this state park. The waterfalls are amazing with the golden-brown color of the water from tannins. We had at the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery and Pub.

Picture Rocks National Lakeshore: Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! We stayed a couple of night in Munising, MI and we took both the morning and the afternoon/evening cruises to see these pictured rocks. The evening sunlight is amazing against the stone and bluffs. Awesome!

Lighthouses of Michigan and the Upper Peninsula: We visited many lighthouses on this trip and the following link will display these. If you liked to see all of Michigan’s Lighthouse that we visited throughout our trips there, click here.

Starved Rock Lodge, IL: On our way home we stopped at Starved Rock State Park, IL for a night at their lodge. It is always great just to spend a night at a lodge!