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Total Solar Eclipse of 2017

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We stayed at home to view the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. I had been waiting for this eclipse for over two years. We had plans to visit Marshall, MO with other friends and camp on Marshall’s fairgrounds there. Marshall had done a great job in preparing everything for this event. But, it appeared that Marshall would be clouded out that day and where we live was still going to be clear till after the event. So we stayed home and setup on our back patio.

We did visual observing of this Solar Eclipse. I did not take any pictures of the actual eclipse. The totality of the eclipse only lasted a little over 2 minutes here and I wanted us to experience the joy of that moment. I set two of my telescopes up on a dual mount that allowed both of use to sit side-by-side and view the eclipse together. It was an awesome time. When totality happened, I was able to remove our Solar Filters from the telescopes and we were than able to view the solar promences and the Chromosphere and Chorona for about 2 minutes before I had to put the solar filters back on the telescopes to protect our eyes. (NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN WITHOUT PROPER FILTERS IN PLACE!)