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Springs of Missouri

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Missouri has many springs and several have mills. The history of these springs and mill throughout the region is impressive. Many of these mills have working presentations. This post will list all the springs that we have visited and have pictures of.

Alley Spring Mill, MO (2017, 2019)

This spring is ranked as the 7th largest spring in Missouri. We visited this spring a few times over the years. We love staying at the lodge in Echo Springs State Park. Alley Springs and Mill is an awesome experience especially early in the morning and late in the evening light. At Christmas time the bridge and other parts of the mill are decorated. This is a must to visit!

Blue Spring, MO (2017)

This spring is ranked as the 8th largest Missouri Spring. We visited this spring in the later afternoon and missed the sun reflecting and displaying the deep blue colors. Even so, this is an amazing place to visit walk/hike around the spring.