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Big Things, Small Town – Casey, IL (2019)

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What a blast!!! This town has multiple ‘largest’ items; giant rocking chair, ruler, wind chimes, bird cage, mail box, pencil, spinning top, bookworm (library), cactus, golf tee, largest token coin, Minion, pitch fork, wooden shoes, and knitting needles. Ya, gotta go and enjoy.

I’m a big fan of Roadside Attractions and does this town have them! Casey has been on my target list for years and we finally took some days and made it a road trip. Be sure to check out the part 2 post of this road trip that contains all the other towns and sights that we saw on this trip. Plus, the folks in the town were wonderful to visit with.

The town also has a lot or murals though the small town of Marshall just a little way from Casey has a huge number of murals.