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Bonne Terre Mine & Town, MO (2019)

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For July 4th this year we spent a week down at St. Francois State Park, MO. This state park is only 45 minutes from home and is a great place to do some trails and enjoy the river that flows by. During this time we visited Bonne Terre Maine and the town. The town has some great old buildings and a Train Depot that has been redone as a restaurant.

The mine’s water is crystal clear with over 100 feet of Visibility. The mine is where a lot of people scuba dive. Now, when we visited the tour was reduced due to some work being performed to close an old chute that had opened and was letting rain water into the mine. They were using a type of Styrofoam to expand and close the chute. While we were at the bottom view the lake, some of this material must have hit some old coal and ignited and fell into the water there. We quickly returned to the surface before the smoke got too bad, but I did get a picture or two before I headed up.