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Our Great Northern Central Waterways Adventure, 2019 – Days 2-3

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See photo albums at the bottom for all the photos.

Traveling the backroads we headed through northern Illinois and into Wisconsin enjoying the beautiful flat farmlands of Illinois as they changed to the hillside farmlands and dairy farms of Wisconsin for our next stop in the Wisconsin Dells camping at the Sherwood Forest Campground and RV Park. This campground has been around for about 50 years and is nestled in the trees and sits on two levels on a rocky hillside–this made for nice challenging walks around the campground because it was not all flat.

I hadn’t been here since the late 70s and Wanita had never been here. We arrived early afternoon so we headed out to explore the area for an overview, visited the docks to sign up for a couple of boat tours for the next day, and had dinner in town before returning to our campground for the evening.

On our full day we started the morning visiting the Riverside and Great Northern Railroad. This is a 15-inch gauge miniature railway and heritage railroad. We arrived a little before they opened at 9 am and was walking around enjoying the grounds.

A gentleman was there to help get the trains up and running for the train rides and, since we were early, he took us on a tour of the buildings where the small museum is located and the back area where two men were working on some wheel setups. These men have many years of knowledge of trains and train history and build and maintain the trains. We then took a ride on the miniature train–although you might think this train ride is just for kids, there were plenty of adults with and without kids on the train ride right along with us. We had a great visit!

Boat Cruise

Then on to our first boat cruise on the Wisconsin River taking us on a relaxing tour of the lower section of the dam to view rock formations and pleasant beaches. A couple hours later we took the other boat cruise taking us on the upper section of the dam to view rock formations and make a stop to disembark the boat and walk through a narrow canyon with ferns hanging from the walls. It had rained before we left on the afternoon tour and the ferns looked florescent in the light–it was an amazing sight to see.

Next stop: Terrace View Campground, Tomahawk, WI