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Our Great Northern Central Waterways Adventure, 2019 – Days 26-30

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Minneapolis-Minnehaha Falls, Great River Road and Redwing MN

We continued southward to Minneapolis to visit a friend and spend some time in the area. We stayed south of Minneapolis at the Southwest KOA. We wanted to explore the Great River Road as we moved southward so this was a good starting point. We got to spend a good amount of time at the Minnehaha Falls Park and enjoy the falls and the garden circle. Sadie got a lot of attention from other visitors so she was happy. We had a great visit with our friend Sharon over dinner at a unique restaurant in St. Paul. (Thanks Sharon!) View Pictures

We crossed the Mississippi River into Wisconsin to visit Prescott and the Great River Road Visitor Center. The grounds had one of the uniquely painted/decorated art benches that can be found at various locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul/Wisconsin area. The center had a tremendous amount of archival informational and their displays/older pictures give a wonderful story of this part of the Great River Road. View Pictures

Traveling a little further down the Mississippi River is the town of Red Wing, MN, which is the home of the Red Wing Shoes company. They have a museum, store, and (drum roll) a giant Red Wing boot!!! (20 foot tall). Yep, gotta love finding the Roadside Attractions. The museum part is small, but loaded with information and a wall displaying used boots and interesting stories from the people who wore those boots. Of course, we had to do some shopping there. They have a discounted area in the basement and Wanita found her shoes there. I wasn’t lucky enough to find a pair there in my size, so up to the main store to find me a pair. Something about needing a size 13… Seems the older I get the larger my feet get! I’m pretty sure they just make them smaller with larger size labels. lol View Pictures

Next stop: Pikes Peak State Park, Iowa.