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Our Great Northern Central Waterways Adventure, 2019 – Days 43-44

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Cozy C RV Campground

Our final night was spent at the Cozy C RV Campground, Bowling Green MO. This is a small family camp ground that is well maintained and the sites are able to handle large rigs. We explored the small town of Louisiana for dinner. We spent our evening doing up all the laundry, cleaned the camper and prepped everything for the return home.

Summary of the Adventure:

  • Trip length: 44 days (~6 weeks)
  • Total Mileage: 4,800 miles
  • Total Gas Cost: $1,070
  • Avg Cost per Gallon: $2.68
  • Avg Daily campsite cost: $32
  • Camper: 2008 Airstream (23 foot)
  • Truck: 2007 Toyota Tundra

Final Thoughts

Before we made the final turn home, we discussed if we would have like to continue on to a new destination or go home. We both felt we would have been happy to turn to a new adventure for a few more weeks (Plus, it was still in the 90’s at home!) But, we had some things scheduled that we needed to return to and Wanita had a foot injury that she had incurred just before we left and that needed to be looked at. Soooooo, home we came.

We’ve already started planning a couple of more Adventures!

We travel in a 2008, 23 foot Airstream with Sadie (65 lb) dog. In comparison to today’s larger sized campers, this is considered a smaller camper. We find this size allows us to get into smaller campgrounds/spaces which work for us. Great for National Parks and National Forests campgrounds that have smaller camping spaces.


Terry, Wanita and Sadie