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Boonville, MO Getaway (2019)

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The weather this past weekend was to be sunny and cool so we decide to do a small local road trip. I wanted to go over to visit some Missouri conservation areas including Eagle Bluffs to maybe get some bird and nature photographs. I booked us a couple of nights at the Hotel Frederick in Boonville, MO. Boonville is a smaller town but with a great history and active downtown. Hotel Frederick was built in 1905 and walking into it reminded us of old hotel lodges. Lots of old wood, low lighting levels and friendly folks. It is supposed to have some haunting stories but all the stairs and floor creak when walked on so it is pretty cool.

The downtown was great to walk around after we would get back in town. There are several places to eat downtown include the Main Street Dinner (had breakfast there and a late dessert) and Maggie’s Bar & Grill (had the burgers there). Maggie’s was very busy. Lots of murals, old buildings, an IOOF (I seem to find a lot of these buildings when I travel) [International Order of Odd Fellows].

Driving the back roads and exploring the various local conservation areas was great. Saw lots of damage from the floods, i.e. roads washed out, areas still flooded, hunting areas under water. We followed on road which ended in a small town on the river. The most interesting and amazing thing about this little town was turning onto a side road and there were 12-15 cats laying and sunning themselves on the road and cars. Some of these cats were very scary looking! They moved very slowly out of the way. Pretty Alfred Hitchcock moment there!