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For years I have enjoyed amateur astronomy and every time I’d want to go and observe, I’d have to load my equipment and then unload when I got home. I finally found a small used 2010 6’x10′ cargo trailer with torsion suspension to convert into an ‘Astro-Cruiser’. This Astro-Cruiser has traveled many thousands of miles around the mid-west and remote locations like the Okie-Tex Star Party.

The Astro-Cruiser was to be a one man show; a loner traveling observatory joy. I planned it to fit most of my gear and still allow me to sleep in it when traveling to remote locations. It contains: Thermal barrier, insulation, 2 12 volt batteries, 1200 watt inverted, 2 100 amp solar panels, full 120 AC, an air conditioner, refrigerator, lights, red lights, plenty of power, a Murphy type bed, desk, USB plugs, 12 volt fans, plenty of plugs and 12 volt plugs, screen door, tracks for hooking everything down, storage areas, room for books, RV power center, reading lamps etc. Only thing I did not include was water and a toilet. Enjoy the pictures.