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We took a few weeks in November, 2004 to spend a week in the Everglades National Park and Florida area. We stayed at the Everglades Flamingo Lodge. This was a few years before a hurricane destroyed it. I can never say how much staying within a national park expands everything that you can do. We hike many trails, took a lot of bird photos and cruise tours of the area. When I would be taking some pictures, Wanita would always be guarding my back from the gators! (Not sure who was guarding her back though!!!)

We thought the mosquitoes would be reduced by the oncoming winter, but it was still very warm into the November/December that years so there were times the back of my light colored shirts look black due to the number of mosquitoes covering it.

This pictures are grouped in to two views. Enjoy!

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park Birds