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We went to Glacier National Park in the fall of 2007. This was Terry’s first trip and Wanita’s second trip there. You cannot fully describe of photograph the beauty of that park. The air, the water, wind, views… Even today, 12 years later, I can still smell the air and remember the vastness of being there. Time does not erase the joy of those days. We hiked, drove and explored for days. We were camped within the park and I had taken a telescope along on this trip. So I went out down to the lake a couple of times to enjoy the spender of the night skies. Wanita was worried that a mountain lion would sneak up on me and during a park ranger led talk one night he mentioned that one had been seen in that area…

We will unable to continue up into Canada (though we had planned to) due to a sudden winter storm that was coming down. Rangers were recommending to go elsewhere, so off to Yellowstone we went. 🙂

This page contains an extra set of Glacier pictures that I acquired in a Petersburg, IL shop. It was a set of slide that a doctor had taken at Glacier National Park in 1956. I love the views and the impression that he captured in these.